Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance is a crucial aspect of site management for any corporation or institution.

A well maintained outside space provides a pleasant environment for all stakeholders; including visitors, clients, employees, investors, the general public and of course tenants.

Grounds maintenance includes the following:-

  • Lawn/grass care
  • Hedge and shrub work
  • Weeding
  • General gardening
  • Planting
  • Litter picking
  • Hard surface care

Keeping a tight control of your outside environment will also reduce rodent and other pest problems and of course help your establishment to observe health and safety guidelines.

When Tilia Services Ltd wins a grounds maintenance contract, our aim is not only to maintain the site but also to work closely with its clients to make improvements. This can be achieved by selective or improved planting, better soft and hard landscaping and other bolt on services.

Our customers range from both the Third Sector such as Family Mosaic; which is one of the largest Housing Associations in the UK, Residents Associations, Managing Agents  and commercial businesses including PhotoBox; who provide quality photographic and printing solutions worldwide.