The Business of Storage: adding nearly 300 square metres of storage space for Photobox

We have just completed our latest large scale landscaping project.

The installation of an additional almost 300m² of storage area (concrete walling and hard-standing) to what was just wasteland at the back of Photobox’s factory unit in Park Royal London. Go to our gallery for the picture series of the works.

Concrete walling and hardstanding, Photobox Park Royal

Concrete walling and hard-standing, Photobox Park Royal

What are benefits for the client company?

There are many and fall under two areas:

  • Space – Storage space in London is at a premium, adding such a large area means that Photobox can store a vast amount of their products and materials without having to rent out further factory space.
  • Logistics – Who knows how far the nearest space this size would be available. If it was found, (even if it were close) there would be a massive expenditure of time and resources used to solely bring the materials to the site.

In addition to installing effective storage solutions, Tilia Services Ltd provides a number of services to help businesses with their external areas. These range from quality commercial grounds maintenance, installation of outside hard standings and furniture, to general ground work for underground cabling and ducting etc, get in touch now to discuss your needs.